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Candy & Cake Pop Bouquets Now Available!

Darla Walz, Owner
About Frosted By Darla
Frosted by Darla officially opened for business in October 2011, but it has been in the works for three years. Darla took Oprah’s final message “… that everyone has a calling and everyone’s real job is to figure out what that calling is and to go about the business of doing it” and decided to take her passion for baking and make it her profession. 

It is and always will be all about cupcakes for Darla... "Cupcakes are a bit, dare I say, magical? I have seen so many faces, young and old, light up at the mere mention of the word let alone the first bite!"

"Cupcakes have a way of making any day…your very own special day!" 
I want Frosted by Darla to play a role in making people feel that kind of special. I want it to be about the entire “cupcake experience”… from the mixing of the batter to the very first bite. We start with delicious cake, then we add scrumptious frosting, some rich fillings and wonderful toppings.   

Frosted by Darla wants you and your family and friends to share in our cupcake experience! Once you try our delicious cupcakes or cake pops, you'll feel our passion and see the endless possibilities that exist to make all your events truly special!

 ​    Frosted By Darla, LLC ® Jacksonville, Florida
Holly and Darla